Tips and Tools for PCB

Tips and Tools for PCB Designers Reduce Error Rates and Costs:

Electronic assembly (printed circuit board) is a complex structure with many different components. It is important to pay attention to the links between the various mechanical, chemical and thermal processes. This applies not only to production but also to partial placement in the PCB. After all, in development, the designer defines the function of the electronic assembly and greatly determines the cost of later production.

Accurate production data and production cost planning beginning with the design phase significantly impact product quality and production costs. This is about design for manufacturability (DFM), also known as design for manufacturability.
PCB manufacturer tolerance is a determining factor. PCBs are subject to unavoidable process tolerance due to material properties and process performance (electroplating, photolithography, etching and compression) and structural defects in the excavation structure associated with the PCB structure or track structure.

Tolerance means the difference between the minimum allowable size and the maximum size of drilled holes, track running and tracking separation. These estimates are less tolerable because they cannot be obtained in any other way in production for cost reasons. As a rule, the less tolerance specified by the designer, the greater the production costs.

Tips and tools:

Eurocircuits provides information on tolerance and ways to distribute the same copper to PCBs in the design tips and videos available online for free. The PCB Designer Guidelines describe proven ways to reduce PCB costs and reduce errors during production. Software developed by Eurocircuits also provides designers with the necessary tools for detailed PCB testing before production.

This pre-production test can reduce error rates from previous levels by up to 25% to less than 3%. Engineers can also use the cost tool to determine PCB prices before sending data and opting for full configuration.
Not only that: Eurocircuits is considering the next logical step after the partial installation of the PCB and involves the production of the module below. Error in construction will result in incorrect production data and delays in installation and assembly. PCBA Visualizer or PCB Assembly Visualizer software identifies all components and compares the drawing of a structural component with an incomplete PCB design. This important tool for module developers and manufacturers or manufacturers of electronic (EMS) service checks whether the PCB design complies with the building materials bill (BOM) and component list (CPL).

The difference between these files is sometimes evident in the performance, for example, because the parts were mirrored, moved or rotated. It is also possible that the wrong part is selected and does not match the design structure. Another possibility is that the PCB designer looks at the PCB below while the partial drawing is the top view. This leads to displaying two structures and inconsistencies in the final assembly if the foot part is uneven.

This viewing tool allows designers to work with PCB certified design, certified BOM, and CPL and 3D certified product files. This dramatically reduces the number of errors before prototype production, which is very beneficial when sample PCBs and sample samples are required very quickly.
This package service has met with a positive response: in 2019, Eurocircuits processed placement with more than 4,250 conference orders and delivered completed prototypes. Software developers can order online and get their fully assembled PCB within six days.

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