What to do if you want to find the right PCB manufacturer

Are you’re in the market for PCB parts? You will realize that there are lots of manufactures out there. Keep in mind that not all manufacturers are the same, and you will end up with substandard parts if you are not careful. And if you get quality PCB parts, you may end up paying an arm and a leg. But how do you find the best PCB Manufacturing China company? Well, it can be a tricky affair. PCB manufacturers need to have the experience and expertise, and when placing your order, you need to check critical details. This article will list tips to helps you find the best PCB manufacturer in China.


Check the basics

Before you decide to order any PCB parts, you need to do a background check. You need to know how long the manufacturer has been in business. If they have been operating for many years, it means they have the expertise and experience as well as the required machines and workforce to handle your order professionally. The bottom line is knowing the manufacturer inside out, including but not limited to knowing if he had past problems delivering to past clients. Check the testimonial section and understand what the past clients are saying about the manufacturer.

Can they meet your requirements and expectations?

This is a critical question that you need to ask when engaging any PCB manufacturing company. Some PCB Manufacturing China companies only deal with a standard set of tolerances and specifications. This may be because their production capabilities are stretched or limited. If you need specific PCB parts, then such companies will not help you. Find a PCM manufacturer that offers a range of products and one that can customize your order to suit your needs. There are many manufacturers out there that can handle such orders and customs specifications, and all you need is reach and narrow your scope. Do not settle for less or adjust your needs; companies are always looking forward to receiving your custom order.

Who are their customers

PCB manufacturing companies work with various clients in the electronics industry. Some clients deal with military orders. If you need to understand/know the manufacturer better, you need to have a good look at their clientele and the kind of orders they ask for. The best part is that reputable PCB Manufacturing China companies will list their clients on their website from where you can make some follow-ups. You can search the clients online and know what kind of business they are involved in. Sometimes you can even contact them and find out their experience with the PCB manufacturing company. If you are lucky to get a reply, you will get firsthand information regarding the PCB manufacturer in question. If you get happy clients or good recommendations, then you can go ahead and place your order with the PCB manufacturer in question.

Do they offer engineering support?

Before you head to the manufacturers' website and place your orders, hold on, and find out if they offer engineering support, which is an after-sale service. Before spending your hard-earned money on the fabrication of  PCB parts, you need a manufacturer that will test all aspects and completely surrender to your needs. The manufacturing companys' engineers need to test all the designs to avoid possible errors in the future. This will as well ensure you are getting custom parts and also advice on maybe improvements that would make your parts better. A good PCB manufacturer will as well spend their time enhancing their capabilities and prospects. All this will ensure your PCB parts meets not only your needs but also quality standards. Again, this should be free of charge on your part.

Quality matters

When it comes to PCBs, quality is critical. You are ordering custom parts and paying a hefty price; therefore, there should be no compromises on quality whatsoever. With PCB parts, it is all about precision, and so you should consider quality first before ordering from any PCB manufacturer. Before placing your order, ensure that the PCB Manufacturing China company you are buying from offers a guarantee of quality. Do not just trust their word, but check their capabilities, past projects as well as talk to their past customers. Be sure they can manage your order by checking if they have made such PCB parts before. If they have experience making such parts, you can get quality parts that meet your needs. Also, check their testing process more so when it comes to connectivity.

When can they deliver?

When ordering PCM parts, you have a timeline on when you need the parts. As long as you order early enough, you should not face any insolvencies. But since the process is not always rosy, you need to check the manufacturers' website and see their delivery timelines for the time the customer places an order. Some PCM manufacturers will require you to order a week before they can deliver. Be sure to check this and ensure it suits your needs. It is always advisable to order early enough to avoid the last-minute rush. Look for an honest company that will truly tell you how busy they are and when they can deliver to avoid frustrations.

Can they offer certifications?

Some PCB Manufacturing China companies offer fire resistance certification on their PCB parts, and you should check this and other necessary certificates. With certifications, you are sure of getting quality products, and in case of unseen eventualities, you can always ask for compensation. That is if the quality did not meet the standards listed in the certification form. Also, be wary of manufacturers that offer fake certification, and this is why you should focus on finding or working with only reputable PCB manufacturers. Ensure you are getting quality parts for the money you are parting with.

Who are their vendors?

Since every company has to rely on some vendors and suppliers, be sure to know these suppliers, before ordering from any PCB manufacturer. Once you get the list, check them online, and know if they are reliable. Know what others say about them and check the quality of their materials. This is a precautionary measure that will ensure you are getting quality PCM parts. Be careful about every aspect.

By hqt