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How to Choose the Best PCB manufacturers


Choosing the right PCB manufacturer can be extremely troublesome, especially when there are several cheap Chinese PCB manufacturers. You will be surprised to learn that not all of these manufacturers design and develop high quality Printed Circuit Boards.

Yes, they do offer competitive prices; however, they compromise on the quality. Therefore, it is important to choose only the best manufacturer. Several factors come into play while choosing the right PCB designer and developer.  Spending time on research will ensure that you make the right decision the first time, after all, the future of your business is dependent on this particular deal.

Since a wide variety of PCB manufacturers is available, thus you should consider every aspect in order to make the right decision. You should verify the information given by the company before finalizing something. You might think that researching a company’s claim is not worth the effort, but the fact is that it will save you money, time and energy in the near future.

In the course of this article, we will provide you with complete information to guide you on choosing the best Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. Here is what you will learn by the end of this article.


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  • What is a Printed Circuit Board?
  • Tips to Choose The Best Printed Circuit Board
  • Why choose us as your PCB supplier?
  • Summary


What is a Printed Circuit Board?


Before we get down to effective tips to choose the best Printed Circuit Board manufacturer, let us first focus on the basics. You need to understand what exactly a PCB is.

PCB, or formally known as the Printed Circuit Boards are an important part of all modern electronics today. PCB tends to electrically connect and mechanically supper different electronic components via pads, conductive tracks wrapped wires and much more.

A PCB comprises of several layers; you will see one or more copper laminated layers between the non-conductive substrate. The more layers you have, the more expensive PCB becomes. In addition, the layers add to the thick as well as the weight of the Printed Circuit Board.



Tips to Choose the Best PCB manufacturer


Initially, the Printed Circuit Board technology was very expensive, but with constant development, we know have affordable PCB.  The modern manufacturer offers a flexible PCB Prototype, making it possible for you to have a complete understanding of the circuit before you make the final purchase.

Since PCBs are extremely important for the functionality and longevity of your electronics, therefore, you need to choose a manufacturer that offers high-quality chips at a low price. So, make sure that you do your research before deciding on the manufacturer.

Below are some effective tips to choose an outstanding Printed Circuit Board manufacturer.


Never Compromise on the Quality


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Of course, quality is the first thing that you need to consider. If you buy quality chips, only then can you offer quality electronics. There is no exact definition of quality as it is slightly abstract. Under quality, we tend to focus on multiple things.

Nonetheless, we can say that by quality, we mean a board should be error-free and is according to the requirements. Some of the other factors that come under the quality category are the board to the right dimensions, passes bare board test, properly drilled holes, properly positioned holes, minimum board warping among others.

For an affordable and cheap PCB manufacturer, it is important that every chip meets the standards. There should be consistency in terms of quality, and it should remain the same regardless of the number of orders they get.

Since a bad Printed Circuit Board will have a direct impact on the equipment manufacturer’s business, thus PCB supplier needs to ensure the quality of the chip. So, a good idea is to look around and compare chips from different companies to find the best one.


Can meet Requirements


The second thing that needs consideration is the Chinese PCB manufacturer’s ability to meet the highest possible standards. You need to enquire whether your desired PCB supplier has the capability to deliver chips that are in accord with your specifications.

In other words, do they have in them to deliver what they promised? The good news is that usually the formats and the standard are generic, so it is possible to meet these requirements effortlessly. A supplier needs to understand the number of layers requires the tolerances of the PCB, the core material and any other special request.

To, fully enjoy the success of your business; we suggest you run through the detailed checklist to ensure you have not missed something of importance.


Cost of Development


Cost plays a vital role when deciding the right kind of Printed Circuit Board manufacturer. You need to understand that the cost has a direct impact on the quality of the PCB. You need to figure out that if a supplier is reducing cost, does it mean that he is also decreasing the quality.

Usually, good and effective Chinese PCB manufacturers have the ability to balance price and quality. They let you take the best of both worlds. Yes, we understand that low cost attracts, however, the bad quality will lead to additional expenses. Therefore, you need to balance the quality and the cost.


Meet the Deadline


Most PCB companies promise to deliver the boards on a certain time, some of these PCBs manufacturers, fail to do what they promised. So, it is extremely important to pick a company that can meet deadlines.

The important question here is, how can you find out that certain companies meet deadlines? Simple, you need to get in touch with their previous clients. You need to check out their reviews, not only on their website but also on their social media as well as third party bloggers.

The supplier should have the right turn around time, it should not offer a quick turnaround at the expense of quality, and neither should it delay the delivery, just because the company wanted to meet the highest standards.


Avoid the Brokers


The news might come shocking to you, but it is true. Several online PCB manufacturers are actually the intermediary. These brokers will take orders from you and they outsource it. This makes it difficult for you to ensure whether they will deliver quality or not.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you stay clear of the brokers. Yes, we agree, you might come across good brokers, however, is the risk worth taking. So, the safe option is that you choose an actual Printed Circuit Board manufacturer and work with them directly. Doing this will ensure that you get good quality and on-time delivery.


Ability to Work Together


For good companies, the customer is their top priority. They would go to great lengths in order to make the customer happy. The same is the case with the PCB industry, a PCB supplier should have the ability to cooperate and create a strong relationship with its consumers.

We simply can’t quantify of exactly what a good relationship is, but it does involve several factors. A reliable Printed Circuit Board manufacturer should be able to work effortlessly with the PCB assembly, and design areas.

When the company has a cooperative relationship with others, they will be able to handle and resolve issues in an effective and efficient manner.


Material Sourcing


The source of the material plays a vital role when choosing a good Chinese PCB manufacturer. Some manufacturers offering lower prices might acquire the source material from cheap places. Thus, they will not be able to deliver and maintain standard quality.

The performance may vary from batch to batch. Therefore, choose a company that will meet the necessary board-specific regulations. It will ensure that everything is right and on time. In addition, ensure that the supplier delivers UL approved Circuit Boards.

Below are the standards that a good PCB manufacturers should meet:

Conflict Materials: This is an imperative regulation for companies that are supplying to the United States of America. In certain countries, you might not have to meet these regulations. The regulation lets you have a clear image of the raw material supply chain.

Reach(Registrations, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals): The programs allow you to have better visibility in terms of chemical used during the manufacturing of the electronics. These chips are evaluated for their contribution to the population and their impact on the environment.

RoHS( Restriction of Hazardous Substance): RoHS has been in place for many years, and it tends to govern the number of hazardous substances that are allowed in the manufactured electronics worldwide.


Board Testing


To ensure that you get the best quality, both the suppliers and the PCB manufacturers will test the boards. Mostly, they rely on sample testing, as testing all the boards is not feasible.

Sample testing allows them to conform. So, before deciding upon your supplier, just make sure that the company is willing to do board testing in the way that it should be done. If they agree, only then take on the company.

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Order Quantities


The order capability of a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer gives you the idea of its ability. Just make sure that the company is able to manage orders of all sizes. For instance, if you start with a small order, the company should be able to deliver that effectively.

Likewise, if the number order increases drastically, the company should be capable enough to manage big orders as well. Sometimes, companies that are made for accommodating large orders, are unable to take on a small number of orders.

Similarly, small companies might not be able to take on big orders and deliver them efficiently. These companies will be overwhelmed by a large number of orders, therefore, select a company that can meet your needs perfectly.


Industry Relevant Manufacturing Experience


Experience is an important factor that you should consider when choosing a PCB supplier. This factor tends to separate the generic PCB manufacturer from the ones with years of experience. But, how can you find an experienced manufacturer?

A manufacturer with experience has the ability to change with the changing requirements. It will innovate and adopt modern technology and its trends.


Customer Care Services


To see if the company pays heeds to quality, check out their customer support. If they have outstanding customer support, it means that they are willing to resolve their client’s problems. Their client’s matter and they will go to all lengths to satisfy them.

On the contrary, a company with bad customer service is definitely fishy. Of course, when they are not willing to listen to your issues, you can hardly expect them to resolve these issues. So, make sure that your PCB manufacturer offers outstanding customer care service.


Customer Support


In addition to customer care services, the company should also offer customer support. Of course, the customer care representative can only listen to your problems, to resolve these issues; you need to have customer support at your disposal.

So, when you decide on a PCB supplier, just make sure that they have support staff intact. After all, their support staff will resolve your problems. Having a support staff also adds credibility to the company as you would know that they take their consumers and their respective problems seriously.


All for minute details


It is important to find out complete information about the PCB Company; therefore, you need to focus on small details as well. For starters, ask them where do they produce their PCBs. The physical production setup will ensure that they are not brokers.

After all, you do not want to deal with the brokers. You would rather deal with the company directly.


Why Choose Us as your PCB Supplier


We, KingPCB, have been in the business long enough to understand all its ups and downs. We promise to deliver high quality printed circuit boards, and for that, we work day in, day out. To ensure that we meet the highest possible standards, we have only the best onboard.

Our experienced team can design and develop state of the art circuit boards. These PCBs will improve the performance of your electronics and it will make them efficient and long-lasting. Unlike companies, they do not deliver what they promise; we will provide you timely delivery within your desired budget.

KingPCB will meet all your requirements and ensure that not even a single chip is faulty or damaged. We take full responsibility of our product from end to end. In addition, to provide a prompt solution for our client’s problems, we have an outstanding customer care service.

You can reach out to us, any time you want and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Choosing us as your PCB manufacturer ensures high quality Printed Circuit Boards.



Printed Circuit boards have become an integral part of modern electronics; therefore, it is important to choose only the best PCB manufacturer on the market. You will come across several Chinese PCB manufacturers, but not all have the ability to deliver high-quality chipboards.

To choose a good PCB supplier, you need to consider things like experience, material source, customer service among others. Just pay close heed to the above-mentioned factors to ensure that you choose a good manufacturer. Paying attention to all the minor details will help you choose a supplier with whom you can have a good lasting relationship. KingPCB is exactly, what you need. So, without wasting your time, contact us right away and we will deliver everything you want with ease.


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