High Speed PCB Assembly Manufacturing

Kingsong , an exemplary PCB manufacturing and assembly compnay

Are you looking for an exemplary PCB Assembly services? You can contact KingSong Technology for your requirment with perfection. This company provides customers with topnotch PCB components. The years of experience and well-versed professionals of the company delivers a trusted and quality PCB product. The quality components and assembling are sourced by this company to manufacture state of the art PCB products. Customers are well satisfied by the production team because the PCB files are checked freely by the quality and highly talented engineering team professionals of the company. The KingSong Technology aims at delivering only genuine, trusted, quality products to the customer without any compromise.

High Speed PCB Assembly Manufacturing

A wide range of business sectors

The KingSong Technology deals with many types of businesspeople by meeting their requirements. The manufacturing needs of the customers are dealt with in an exemplary way. The various business units like automation, medical, network safety, and security are the major business partners of the KingSong company. Also, counter device sectors and industrial professionals have a close connection with these business people. The production in the company is not over by delivering the product to the customer for profit sake but the products are tested at each stage for its quality. Only a certified product is delivered to the customers at the end.

PCB assembly manufacturer

The various steps involved in the assembly manufacturer section make the product an excellent one. The process starts with Automated Optical Inspection scans the machine automatically for any defects in the product. The PCB boards are subjected to strict testing measures in this step for weeding our major errors. It ensures the quality of PCB boards and also PCB assembly. The company also ensures the quality of the product, especially assembly by Automated X-Ray Inspection procedure. In this procedure, the product is tested by a low range of x-ray. The exclusive merit of the product of KingSong company is the use of BGA package PCA

The ultimate aim of this company is to make customers feel high about the product it produces. Hence, the company is depending a lot on electrical component sourcing for the production. The high efficiency, highly reliable, tested, genuine, guaranteed product and low power utilization features are taken into consideration by the procurement team for effective outposts. PCB assembly service manufacturing is not offered at a fair price to many customers by big manufacturers but King Song company delivers the same at a fair price.

The customers are encouraged to contact the company for PCB assembly. Hence, the customers are requested to contact the team at sales@kingpcb.com for any queries and quotations. A free quotation is being offered to customers who require it in an easy way. The fast quotation is offered to the customers without any major formalities. The quotation would fulfill the demands of the customers for mass production. However, the company officials are insisting the customers send the CB design file when they request the team for the free quotation. The company also ensures the application of Surface Mount Technology for the customers due to its major advantages.

The customers who would like to make SMT stencil for their PCB boards hey can contact the team of the Kingsong technology. The company makes the exact product with an exclusive size and thickness for the placed orders. The requirements of the customers are meted out by making the SMT stencil by the customers. Through-Hole Assembly processing is also available with this company. The High-Speed PCB Assembly Manufacturing is a major feature of the company

Cases of KingSong

The FPC/Flex-Rigid PCB is a major case of the king song company. The thickness flex printed board, 4 layer FPC, advanced rigid-flex supplier, flexible rigid circuit board, core PCB flexible material with stiffener. digital wiring flexible PCB cable, DIY circuit board are the major causes of the FPC case. The various types of PCBs available are high-density PCB, LED PCB, Metal core PCB, multilayer PCB, other special PCB, single, and double-layer PCB. The SMT&PCB Assembly technology of the Kingsong company includes assembly manufacturing, board assembly, circuit assembly, contract assembly services, PCB assembly, PCB assembly main, and PCBA assembly.

The Laser Stencil For Soldering includes custom laser cut STM stencils, laser cut STM stencil, laser stencil maker, laser stencil, and solder paste stencil. The products of the company are highly commendable, reliable, and best to the market standards. Customers can have the best experience by using the products of the company.

Why there are more customers for kingsong company?

The customer base is increased tremendously for the company due to its high-quality service and products. The competitive price of the products and the highest standard quality of the products make customer hassle-free and comfortable. The reliability of the services of the company is attracting a majority of customers to the KingSong company. The reliability features of the company are perfectly meeting the PCB requirements. Moreover, the company provides twenty-four-hour service to customers who expect quick and fast service and reply. The customers are given high and topnotch customer service by the specialized team of the company. The customers are able to get the products they ordered at the earliest through the safest shipping process.

Quality control service and efficiency of the company

The strict quality control service of the company ensures quality PCB services to the customers with no minimum production costs. The versatility and high performance of the products are major highlights of the company. The lightweight and low cost of the services and products to the customers are other attractive features. The one-stop service for your PCB To PCBA services is highly admirable. The etching industry, plating, lay-up, and bond. solder mask, silkscreen, flying probe testing, and packaging sectors are widely using the applications of the KingSong technology.

Customers from across the globe

The full PCB assembly services of the company are one of a kind and unparalleled. The company has been updating their technologies and efficiency of the workers to suit the expectations of the customers. . Due to the advanced technology and services of the company, the company has reached more than thirty thousand customers from across the globe. The company is getting more than 10000 PCB orders per month nowadays.

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