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9 Things to Consider While Choosing a Fast PCB Printer

Earlier designers have to make PCB prototypes themselves by using their skills. Later on, homemade PCBs made by using the solutions of ferric chlorides and laser printers were used. But now 3D printers were used to make the prototypes of PCBs. But with time the process of commercial manufacturing of PCBs has also changed just like the evolution of homemade PCB prototypes. With the improvement in technologies, the materials, used for making PCBs and their prototypes, have also changed. Now to make affordable prototypes most of the PCB manufacturers use FAST PCB PRINTERs.

Fast PCB Printer
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with, ICs, Capacitors, and Resistors

Though fast PCB printers have revolutionized the PCB prototyping industry still you must keep a few things in your mind while choosing the best prototype printing service provider.

MINIMUM QUANTITY OF ORDER: While choosing a fast PCB printer of prototype you should, first of all, know the minimum quantity of the order will be accepted by the service provider. Being the design of an early stage you may have to change the prototype several times until you get the final design. You should not go with a service provider if his minimum order quantity is beyond your budget. You can negotiate with the service provider in this regard and convince him by assuring a bulk order in the future. On the contrary, you will have to find another service provider as one order that is not affordable to a designer can be acceptable to the other.

QUALITY OF PROTOTYPE: the quality of prototypes provided by the fast PCB printer selected by you can be the next important thing to be considered while choosing a service provider. The prototype provided by the service provider should be free from any defects and errors and the quality of materials used should also be up to the mark. The quality of materials used can ensure to provide you the best prototype according to your specifications. You should also assess the willingness of the service provider to print your prototype. He may not provide you the best prototype of your design if he is not interested in working with you. Your service provider should also be able to provide you helpful and informative customer support so that you can ask for the solution if you are facing some problems while using the prototype. Moreover, along with searching for individual service providers, you should also search through communities and forums to find the best service provider for you as per your requirements.

TURNAROUND TIME: It is also important to know while choosing a fast PCB printer for the prototype that how quickly they can deliver the prototype of your design. If one takes up to two weeks to ship your order then it can be useless for you. You should choose one who can work strictly as per your deadlines. Normally reputed service providers try to deliver the results within 4-5 days so that the prototype can be shipped on time. Some of the faster service providers may take 1-2 days after the approval of the prototype design. So the PCB printer you choose should be able to provide you a prototype within 4-5 days of the confirmation of the order.

COST: The cost of the prototype printing service is also one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a fast PCB printer. Actually, there is high competition in the business of printing PCBs these days because of the larger number of service providers in this market. So you should check the rates of different service providers online by asking quotes from some of them to compare them and choose the best not only on their rates but also on the other facilities provided by them. Moreover, along with the cost of the service provides you should also focus on the quality of their prototypes. It is not necessary that the service provider charging at higher rates can provide you the best results. Even a low costing service provider can provide you the best prototype by using the latest technologies and quality materials. So you should choose one by analyzing all the aspects wisely.

DELIVERY AT THE INTERNATIONAL LEVEL: If you are searching for a fast PCB printer from some other country then you should also check, how many days your selected service providers will take in delivering your order overseas. Most of the Chinese PCB designers and manufacturers can provide overseas delivery of affordable PCBs of high quality at the earliest possible date because of their links with popular shipping companies in China.

OPTIONS FOR CUSTOMIZATION: Until the final design of the product is finalized, the prototypes are likely to change several times. While changing the design of the prototype you may have to change its components as well as the size and even the entire prototype in some cases. So the service provider you choose should be able to allow you for such customizations. Though it is not possible for every service provider still you can find one who can understand your vision and cope up with your changes by using appropriate tools.

EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY: For a complicated and specific project it can be necessary to find an experienced fast PCB printer. The printer you choose must have good experience of designing and printing prototypes of the industry in which you are dealing with. With the advancement in your projects, you should go on finding the experienced service providers in that field.

THE FACILITY OF THE INSTANT QUOTE: The prototype printing service you choose must be able to provide you the quotes for any order instantly. You can visit the website of the popular PCB printers to find instant quotes according to your specifications.

SAFE PACKING & SHIPPING: While choosing a fast PCB printer you should also ensure its safe practices about packaging and shipping of your order. While shipping your products they should guarantee for safe and damage-free delivery of your order. If you opt for express delivery of your order then you should ensure about the additional shipping charges you may have to pay.

Thus, you can choose the best FAST PCB PRINTING services which can provide you prototype as per your specifications and other terms discussed in this write-up.

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