BINDI pool from Eurocircuits

BINDI pool from Eurocircuits:

For up to 4 PCBs and within standard technical requirements, and when the delivery time is four weeks, Eurocircuits offers BINDI pool 'BINDI' service from the red spot on the foreheads of Hindu women. This is called 'bindi.'; So bindi shows India's production area where there has been a new Eurocircuits industry since 2014.


This uniquely attractive, financially viable STANDARD pool is designed to produce runs up to 12 m2 (approximately 1500 circuit boards 100 by 80 mm). As a result, the average order of the BINDI pool is equal to twice the size of the standard Eurocircuits order. In 2016 more than 1100 Eurocircuits customers had more than 4000 orders produced there.

By taking production (for the most part, more in the future) to India and managing quality control at their technical center in Hungary, Eurocircuits ensures highly competitive prices for the same quality we are accustomed to in their other services and - let's not forget - no import tariffs, high shipping costs or customs (for importation within Europe).

BINDI pool price:

BINDI pool price integration is done in the same way as all other PCB production facilities: with the Smart menus on the website. With this well-organized system, we can set up our circuit board production options, such as gold glitter and silkscreen colors, and we can even see before production begins whether the result will satisfy us.

With the Smart menu, we can also quickly see if our option is included in the integration service. The program shows a gold-colored gold coin option that increases the price, easily seeing where we can save some money. With medium-sized production prices, the small difference per circuit board significantly impacts the total order cost, so this feature is very welcome. And the standard price matrix shows us the prices of other prices and (possible) other types of service.

And if, in the unlikely event of an accident, we can keep in touch with the technical support team directly using the chat window at the bottom right. We are guaranteed a quick response if we do this during normal working hours.

From January 2017, the BINDI pool will be an even more reliable option. Eurocircuits will process circuit boards up to and including the integration process in India. PCBs are exported to Europe and completed at the Eurocircuits production facilities in Eger or Aachen, depending on the production process. This means that the completed tasks for these circuit boards will be the same as those produced fully in Europe, so the completion of all circuit boards in all services will be the same. Board, whether we use a HANGING pool or a BINDI pool. These include mechanical performance, solder mask colors, finishes, carbon, etc. And of course, all regional boards are subject to the highest standards of European quality control in Eurocircuits that we are accustomed to.

To give you a complete overview, here are some of the production skills available through the BINDI pool:

  • 0, 1, 2, and 4 layers are possible
  • diameter 580x425 mm (501x425 mm for most layers)
  • Board thickness 1.00 mm, 1.55 and 2.4 mm double-sided boards, some: 1.55 mm
  • the thickness of one-sided brass board 35 µm
  • the thickness of copper on a double-sided board 18 or 35 µm
  • The thickness of copper horizontal boards 18 µm of outer layers, 35 µm of inner layers
    150 µm / 6 mil technology
  • eliminated with two masks, available in all colors and layers of one-sided or double-sided silkscreen
  • leading non-lead: Any non-lead, HAL (Hot Air Leveling), Che Ni / Au, Che Ag
  • All known advanced options (layered layer, carbon, heatsink paste, etc.)
  • FR-4-material compliant with RoHS for free sale (Td> = 325 ° C, T260> = 60 ’, T288> = 10’, CTEz = <3.5%, Tg = 150 ° C)
  • minimum piercing diameter 0.25 mm
  • minimum pad width of outer layers 0.350 mm (0.200 mm for NPTH)
  • minimum pad width of the inner layers 0.350 mm (0.250mm of NPTH)
  • minimum copper edge of outer layers 0.250 mm (rail), 0.450 mm (V-cut)
  • minimum copper edge of inner layers 0.400 mm (rail), 0.450 mm (V-cut)
  • no tool costs
    100% guaranteed performance before production begins
    100% electrical test for all circuit boards

We already have a few successful regional board applications that operate on our own BINDI pool (for example, TAPIR and advanced radiation) and are very satisfied with the quality. Therefore, we can highly recommend the BINDI pool from Eurociruits for medium production prices. For the lowest price, the only thing you sacrifice is delivery time. These are 20 days. Now that you know how BINDI pool production works.

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