Automatic optical control:

Exponential increase: Industry growth is growing in such a way that too many suppliers and manufacturers in a specific sector say the auto industry is growing. Similarly, there are Some of them are only BPC-Nu manufacturers, others are just BPC, others are platinum suppliers, d.h. offer mass production of BPC and BPC prototypes and bring added value for the post-production, processing and completion phases of BPC. This is inevitable in the current complex circuits, where hundreds of pcb parts have been filled to carry out the inspection process.


However, there are three types of inspection methods. Visual inspection, AOI and AXI (automatic X-ray detection). In this article we will discuss AI. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) The type of AOI and why it is needed: AOI, as its name, is an automatic method of PCB control during manufacturing.

AOI order:

The AOI order generally consists of multiple definitions, large resolutions, and enlargement gears with a strong light source, a key storage and processing unit, and an operator. As with the four-layer NPCs, today it is also true that the components on board are densely populated, so it is very important that the AOI is used in various stages of PCB production. Ki can be obtained from a compound of BPC and BPC. AOI is important to ensure the quality of the pcb by the standards, identify errors, errors and errors at an early stage, stop the process, correct the error and return to the process. This will help reduce the number of defective PCBs at the end of the process.


This will help ensure fewer PCB fakes and reduce the overall production costs of BPC. In general, aoi runs after it prepares for background defects at the beginning of the production line. Aoi: The AOI test is carried out on the surface of the BPC. The AOI device is equipped with HD color cameras that have shown more screens for each part of Pcb and for each part with a great mooring. The camera records the BPC's surface with a light source, for example: lamps and B-LED bulbs, or LED lamps, by PCB, UV light or infrared light.

AOI processing system:

The image is then compared to the pre-programmed data and is penetrated into the warehouse of the AOI processing system. The standard deviation or correlation (CCN), if the tolerance is respected, is displayed and reported, and the process is immediately disabled. The higher the CCN, the smaller the difference between the summarized and scheduled images (model).

Final decision:

The final decision to declare the government an error and, as a result, the depreciation depends on the different algorithms running on the COAs that depend on the pixel and CCN values. The operator of the AOI machine also visually checks the images that have been inserted in the AOI panel, and therefore can cancel the operation if necessary. The blobs analysis is done by separating the image from the background object and integrating icons and pixels, or by combining or combining pixels. The AOI, after cash flow, identifies defects in the welding points, parts and PCBs, which may have caused the fireworks due to thermal dynamism.

The AOI machine can digitize smaller components, such as 01005, 0201, and 0402, and IC packages such as MFF, QFN, CSP, and BGA, and PoP only for surface testing. It should be noted that the AOI cannot inspect the pieces found in the body/packaging of the IC. This AXI is necessary. Since the X-ray image can penetrate the body, you can see a gray image to identify the component under the ICIC package.

Service error types:

You can request an AOI test of the AOI test of service error types: AI is an effective method in which the BPC is automatically inspected in a mass production chain. The AOI may be the open and short circuit, defective parts or defective parts, incorrect guidance packages, stains, scratches, welds, welds, welds (3D-AOI), false components, BGA components and unlock, as you prefer to select the AOI inspection, why they do not appear. However, visual inspection is still present in the production of many PCBs. Some of the main reasons IAA can opt for AI can be a 1-eye eye and tiredness is common, while visual inspection of the combined components takes place.

On the other hand, machinery is not tired of tiredness 2-Human visual control is vulnerable to errors and can mistakenly fail the BUG PCB. Although the AOI machine never forgets why the culprits are programmed in the memory of the AOI machine. The accuracy of AI is better than visual inspection 3: people can get sick with the same kind of work when machines can do the same job when machines can do the same job. The AOI is useful for mass production and assembly, while visual inspection is not suitable for mass production and production of 5 AOI prototypes is faster and can save time and money, while visual inspection is slow and requires an inspection of 6 AOI to provide valuable information on various errors or errors occurring in different Member States. Production phases for BPC and PCBA.

Visual inspection:

Although visual inspection does not repeatedly record errors and types of errors, you can easily correct errors. PCBs can be sure that the PCB is completely defective and that visual inspection is always the possibility that some errors will remain in the conclusion: summary of all we can say, that the AOI is a very important part of the pcb production processes and PCB configuration. It is flexible, so that it can be implemented at any stage of the process, depending on the needs and needs of the users. For the mass production of the BPC SHM complex, it is very important to execute the AOI.

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