About Us

about eurocircuits

Eurocircuits  provides full PCB Assembly services, which is including manufacturing PCB, sourcing components, and assembling. Our manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure to provide you with reliable and quality PCB and Assembly, about components, we have many years experience and stable relationships with electronic components suppliers to get real and quality parts. We also have a professional and experienced engineering team to freely check all your PCB files firstly to evaluate whether they are suited for production or whether is any engineering question before production, to ensure your design and provide you perfect PCB and PCBA. Our Mission is Customer satisfaction is our goal.


Our flexibility allows us to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. Being flexible, we easily operate with the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective design and manufacturing processes.

Our global team of professional experts consist of engineers, designers, R&D innovators, product managers, supply chain/manufacturing professionals, sales/customer service staff, and quality assurance personnel. We have world-class production facilities and we are certified for ISO9001, and qualified for IPC Class 2, 3, and 3A., for which we have aligned our quality systems and technology roadmaps.